Its an exciting time of year with parties, drinking, and stuffing your face with all your favourites – Christmas ham, pudding & cakes.   However you don’t have to forget your healthy habits because of the holidays. But you don’t have to miss out on all the favourites either.

The most common issues with unhealthy behaviours during the silly season are over-consumption of alcohol, over-consumption of food and poor food choices.  With moderation, setting boundaries and a bit of planning you can still enjoy Christmas & keep those healthy gains you’ve worked so hard for this year.


 1. Keep to your routine

It is important to keep to a regular routine it helps you stay motivated and positive. With all the food its easy to feel flat and lack motivation to get up and move.  Push yourself to stick to your regular exercise routine & don’t use late nights or big parties as an excuse.

2. Watch your alcohol intake

 It’s easy to lose track of what you drink during the festive season so remember to pace yourself and break up the alcohol with other drinks as well.  Alcohol is loaded with sugar and empty calories so drink in moderation.  If you’ve got a few parties to go to take turns as designated driver to keep you disciplined & share the fun around.

3. Don’t deprive yourself

Remember to enjoy all the great food on offer at this time of year.  Depriving yourself of the festivities will hurt your motivation and will likely lead to binge eating later.  Set yourself limits – one plate of food rather than seconds, one desert instead of two or three.  Take your time when you eat & enjoy the food rather than rushing through it.

4. Have your big meal during the day

 If you’re able to plan your big meals during the day rather than in the evening.  It gives you a chance to work off some of those calories rather than going to bed on a full stomach.  Give yourself time to go for a walk around the block after your meal – it helps with digestion and will burn a few more calories.

5. Don’t forget your veggies
With all the yummy food on offer its easy to look past your greens but as with the rest of the year its important to still eat your veggies & salad.  They’ll help keep you full and fibre to the diet and ensure you’re still getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep healthy.


 Congratulations to Kristi our final member of the month for 2017.  Kristi has been incredibly dedicated to her fitness goals and has achieved some fantastic results with our Personal Training losing over 7kg!



We’re amazed by the drive & focus of everyone who takes part in our monthly challenges & this month was no different. Congratulations James & Lisa