Move Fitness is pleased to be hosting Stepping On in conjunction with NSW Health. A free program aimed at preventing falls, encouraging active living & maintaining independence in older people.

This program was developed by Lindy Clemson and Megan Swann and is now implemented statewide by NSW Health. It is considered to be one of the most effective falls prevention programs available and has been shown to reduce participants’ risk of falling by 31% (Clemson et al 2004).

Stepping On is a 7-week program and gives individuals the skills and confidence to undertake their everyday activities and be physically active safely and without the fear of falling. Participants attend weekly two-hour group sessions, during which they learn about strength and balance exercises, safe footwear, medication management, vision, nutrition, moving safely in the community and reducing hazards in the home environment. After completing the program, participants are provided with individualised follow-up and may attend a booster session 2 months later.

To Register Call us on 9645 1111 or email [email protected]

The Stepping On program is suitable for anyone who is:

  • 65 years and over
  • Living at home in NSW
  • Able to walk independently (with or without a walking stick)
  • Fearful of falling or has had a fall recently

This program is not suitable for people with dementia or progressive neuromuscular conditions. For more information http://www.preventivehealth.net.au/stepping-on.html

Common Myths with Senior Exercise

Many older people believe that exercise is no longer appropriate. Some of the common misconceptions that prompt older people to abandon physical activity include:

  • Older people are frail and physically weak.
  • The human body doesn’t need as much physical activity as it ages.
  • Exercising is hazardous for older people because they may injure themselves.
  • Only vigorous and sustained exercise is of any use.

Suggestions include:

  • If you are over 40 years, obese, suffer from a chronic illness or have been sedentary for some time, see your doctor before you start a new exercise routine.
  • Choose activities you find interesting. You are more likely to keep up with an exercise routine if it’s fun rather than a chore.
  • Exercise with friends. Make physical activity an enjoyable social occasion.
  • Safe, easy and comfortable forms of exercise.
  • Weight training can increase your muscle mass – programs as short as six to eight weeks can be beneficial.
  • Start off slowly and aim for small improvements. Keep track of your progress in a training diary for added motivation.
  • Check your pulse frequently to make sure you aren’t overdoing it.
  • Choose appropriate clothing and safety gear.
  • Don’t let yourself dehydrate – drink plenty of water.

You will find more information and suggestions in the Australian Government’s physical activity guide for older Australians: Choose Health: Be Active.


We’re pleased to announce Sydney Health & Nutrition is back with more fantastic free samples and great advice on Tuesday 24th Oct from 6pm.  Bring a friend as well & they can train free for the night.


Congratulations to “Uncle” John as he is affectionately named by those that know him.  John has been a long time member with a passion for health & fitness. He can often be seen helping our younger members with tips and tricks to get the most out of their routines.  Ever the gentleman, John’s sense of community & his willingness to help knows no bounds.  Big thank you to John as its Members like him that has given Move Fitness such a positive reputation.


Congratulation to Mohamad who showed the greatest strength & endurance for this months challenge winning the 500 meter row!   Congratulations also goes to Hoda for incredible will power and the ability to endure this month wall squat for an astounding 9 minutes!