At Move Fitness we have a strong No Heroes policy which means if you want to spend a majority of your time in front of the mirror, we are not the place for you.

We’ve all been to a gym or heard of one where the blokes spend more time admiring themselves in the mirrors between sets than they do on the actual set itself. Or the guys who try and lift weights that are too heavy and spend the workout grunting and shouting to pump themselves up.

Is there anything more annoying?

The members of Move Fitness Bass Hill are more concerned about losing weight, getting fit or just zoning out.

Many of us have seen a gym where the weights take you on a scavenger hunt rather than being on the racks as
they should be.

At Move Fitness it is understood and expected by our gym-goers that once they are done with a set of weights or a single free weight that the weight ends up back on the rack it was taken from.

There are hundreds of gyms out there where the members have no respect for the equipment they are using shown by the fact that they conveniently forget to wipe down any machine or bench after they are finished.

Our members understand that the next person working out on a particular machine doesn’t want to start their exercise by cleaning off the last person’s sweat.